Nasubi: the strange story of a Japanese man locked in a room for a year while the whole nation watched.

Man eats 25,000 Big Macs and lives to tell about it. You read that right. What an epic achievement.

For some inexplicable reason, graphic designer Taras Lesko gets commisioned by Audi to build a model car out of paper. The timelapse vid is the really fun part.

Seems like by now everyone knows who Spencer Tunick is, but just in case you haven’t heard, he takes photos of naked people. Lots and lots of naked people.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says.

Those crazy folks over at Reddit discuss the insider secrets of their various professions. Some fascinating stuff.

Ikea sells scifi. Thank god for the lowly dowel, where would my flatpak Tardis be without it? (via Design Milk).

Jeff’s dog’s dog day afternoon. Ridiculous, yet funny as hell.

An Escaped Assassin, Raw Chicken Meat, Unimaginable Physical Exhaustion, A License Plate from Liberia, Duct-Tape Pants, Novels Hidden in Tree Trunks, Testosterone Spread Like Fertilizer, Rattlesnakes as Large as Arms, Arms That Baptize Cats, A Bunch of Guys in the Woods Talking about Something Called the Bad Thing. All mentioned in The Immortal Horizon, a beautifully written story of the world’s harshest endurance marathon by the supremely talented Leslie Jamison.

Amazing concept art for the upcoming MMO Guildwars 2. No idea who’s doing those but someone should give him a medal.

Dave Arnold is the Director of Technology for the French Culinary Institute, and this is his burger of the future. Shot and edited masterfully and with great music, and a damn fine looking sandwich.

This is how you sync five metronomes. Related: This is how you sync a cat with a metronome.

Christopher Hitchens, unable to attend the American Atheist convention due to his illness, sent this letter instead. Beautifully written, and truer words were never spoken.

“That hotel towel you’re stealing might have an RFID chip in it.”

‘Otomata is a generative sequencer. It employs a cellular automaton type logic I’ve devised to produce sound events.’ An addictive little sound toy by Batuhan Bozkurt that will stop you from getting any work done.

Jupiter, Venus and the Moon over Los Angeles.

El Tiede is a peak in the Canary Islands known for being ideal for astronomical observation. Here’s a series of timelapse shots taken from the mountain and the national park in which it stands.

The Art of Flight is a movie about some crazy guys on snowboards who get amped up on Red Bull and do very scary things. Made by these guys.

Filthy Cities is a BBC documentary that celebrates the ickiness of civilization. Here’s Revolutionary Paris (YouTube). Medieval London is pretty stinky too.

An (Atheist) Easter Message from Ricky Gervais. Does what it says on the tin.

Seven basic things you won’t believe you’re doing all wrong.

Chris Butler wanted to be a media celebrity and a badass, until he made what turned out to be a big mistake. He asked Diablo to write about him. A lengthy but interesting investigative report about what appears to be the biggest tool yet discovered by man.

Ever played Machinarium? You should, you really really should. It even has its own amazing soundtrack. Those clever guys also made some other great games, all in the same, weird and quirky style.

‘Imagine a Nerf-shooting, camera-equipped aerial drone which could acquire and lock onto targets, and then rain holy hot foam onto them from above.’ A PhD student in England creates Predator, a tracking camera and algorithm that can learn any object, then lock onto it and track it no matter what. His demo video is pretty cool.

Bloody hell, mate. I may never fly Air New Zealand again. Or, I might never fly with anyone else. Honestly, I don’t quite know how I feel anymore, other than this is the most awesome thing ever devised. AirNZ is no stranger controversy of course, having previously made inflight safety videos presented by people dressed exclusively in body paint, and the borderline offensive Rico, a hairy puppet who makes thinly veiled double entendres as he extols the airline’s virtues.

Sixty unusable stock photos, they say. You just haven’t lived a full life until you’ve photographed two squirrels humping on a photocopier for no apparent reason.

How to steal like an artist (and 9 other things nobody ever told me). And by me, I mean Austin Kleon.

The classic Popcorn – who didn’t like this tune as a kid? – has been getting the remix treatment, for, like, ever. Prodigy, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, the Boston Pops and 75 others get their snack-popping groove on.

Considered to be the most potentially significant archaeological since the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Jordan Lead Codices are a collection of books discovered in a Jordanian cave whose discovery caused a buzz among religious and secular scholars alike for the information they might contain – if they were proven authentic. Some experts, however, are already crying foul.

The artist formerly and currently known as Prince was so prolific that it led to a legal battle with label Warner Bros. The feud was so bitter that he appeared in public with ‘slave’ written on his cheek, changed his name to an unpronounceable glyph (forcing WB to distribute a special font for media use) and vowed not to release any new music, drawing instead from a reputed backlog of more than 500 unreleased songs.